Sunday, July 08, 2007

Alas, Poor Couric...

I have a long profile of CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric in the latest edition of NEW YORK magazine, an exclusive interview in which the former Today Show star talks candidly about her struggles at the Tiffany Network. At times, Couric regrets taking the job and seems genuinely confused about what's happened to her career since her ratings plummeted and the first iteration of the program was scrapped. When I ask CBS chief Les Moonves if he bears any responsibility for the show's failure -- given some of his full-throated promises to "blow up" the evening news and the high expectations he helped engender about Couric's arrival -- Moonves replies: "Nope."

Here's an excerpt:

Would she have taken the job if she had known it would turn out this way? Couric hesitates. If Moonves had offered her the job she’s doing today, she admits, she would have thought twice about it. “It would have been less appealing to me,” she says. “It would have required a lot more thought.”

This week, only in NEW YORK magazine.