Friday, June 01, 2007

Transit Byzantium

I urge you to go out and buy the very special 2007 Music Issue of THE BELIEVER today, which includes a wonderful CD compilation of music plus my story on the singer-songwriter Bill Fox of Cleveland, Ohio. I refer you to the editor's copy:

Why is Bill Fox — one of America’s greatest contemporary songwriters — working in self-imposed exile as a telemarketer in Cleveland?

The article begins on page 7 and is entitled "Transit Byzantium," after Fox's 1998 album on spinART. A beautiful and haunting song by Fox, called "My Baby Crying," is included on the CD, track 14. Often my stories are available on the Web, but as the aforementioned BELIEVER editor notes: "Out of respect for Fox's wishes, this piece will not appear on our website." Very mysterious!

Pick up the June/July issue of THE BELIEVER today. (They've sold out of this issue; if you're desperate for a copy of the story, email me.)

(Meanwhile, Listen to Bill Fox's legendary late 80s band The Mice.)