Monday, June 18, 2007

John Edwards, Man or Myth

My profile of John Edwards in MEN'S VOGUE magazine is hitting newsstands now and also available on the magazine's website. Here's an excerpt:

When I ask Edwards if there's a side of him the public can't see, he says, mindful of the $400 haircut and the massive estate, "I think less and less so. I think three or four years ago that wouldn't have been true, but I think there's not much of me they don't see now." In other words, that was the real Edwards in Adel, stripped of artifice. It's the point he's continually trying to hammer home in 2007: There is no difference between the message and the man. I ask whether he's overcome the perception of him as a Ken doll. "Probably not 100 percent," he says.

PLUS! Check out my Q&A with Edwards' so-called "rural liason," David "Mudcat" Saunders. There are some amusing expletive-filled audio clips included.