Friday, June 29, 2007

Fox on the Radio

In my quest to discover the whereabouts of the long-lost Ohio bard Bill Fox -- documented in the June/July music issue of THE BELIEVER magazine -- I happened upon a wonderful interview with Fox by Nic Harcourt on Santa Monica's KCRW. Fox was on tour in 1998 supporting his second album on spinART Records, Transit Byzantium, which is the title of my essay in the magazine. The interview is interspersed with some magical performances and it's a rare window into this mysterious artist, a genuine object of fascination if you happen to be a Fox obsessive.

Click here and listen to it on KCRW's website.

A side note: Fox's CDs from the 1990's are now going for extraordinary sums on Amazon (up to $150 for his first album), but you can still download them on iTunes for a mere $9.99.