Monday, March 05, 2007

This Is a Pun-Free Headline about Time Magazine

My latest story, "The Time of Their Lives," is about the ongoing attempt to reinvent TIME magazine for the 21st Century. It primarily revolves around Time Inc. editor in chief John Huey and his choice for the new managing editor of Time, Richard Stengel. Here's an excerpt:

Stengel says he doesn’t want to dumb down Time on the presumption that people don’t like a smart magazine.

But what, I ask him, about the infamous editorial maxim, “Put the food down where the dog can eat it”?

“Whose line is that?” he asks.

John Huey’s, I tell him. It’s a legendary Huey line that has been kicking around Time Inc. for years.

Stengel has never heard it before.

This week in NEW YORK magazine.