Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Louis CK is still funny

I'm sorry to report that HBO has decided not to renew the sitcom "Lucky Louie" next season. You can be forgiven if you've never heard of the show since HBO spent nary a dime promoting it. But the real tragedy in the show's failure, regardless of its merits, would be the continued obscurity of Louis CK as a comedy force in the United States of America. The man is hysterically funny, one of the best standups going, a true antidote to that harbinger of the death of all comedy, Dane Cook. I highly recommend you watch excerpts of LCK's act here. I wrote two articles on Louis's attempt to bring back the "All in the Family" style social comedy, an idea whose time I thought had come (or returned). It hasn't, apparently. Sorry, Louis, you're still funny and destined for great things. Here is one of the stories as published in The Wall Street Journal.

UPDATE: Louis is making a netroots push to bring the show back, apparently.